What is the difference between white fused alumina segment sand and white fused alumina grain size sand ?

Industrial abrasives have been playing a considerable role in our lives, although we will not come into direct contact with the raw materials of abrasives, but our daily necessities and tools in life will be used to the use of abrasives, so each kind of abrasives you really point clear? What is the difference between white fused alumina segment sand and white fused alumina grain size sand?

What is white fused alumina?

White fused alumina is made of high quality aluminum oxide powder as raw material, refined by electric fusion crystallization, hardness slightly higher than brown fused alumina, slightly lower toughness, high purity, good self-sharpening, strong grinding ability, low calorie-generating capacity, high efficiency, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and thermal stability.It can be made of abrasive tools, suitable for grinding high speed steel, high carbon steel, etc.Widely used in consolidated abrasives, coated abrasives, polishing and precision casting industries.

White fused alumina segment sand

White Fused Alumina Segment Sand

White fused alumina segment sand will be used in rough steel smelting, because white fused alumina segment sand has high temperature strength and good fire resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is commonly used as refractory material.There is also white fused alumina section sand slag resistance is very strong, so it can be used in the kiln, and the production of ceramics and other products.

White fused alumina segment sand generally refers to 1-0mm, 1-3mm, 3-5mm, 5-8mm and other models of white corundum products.

White fused alumina grain size sand

White Fused Alumina Grain Size Sand

White fused alumina grain size sand can also be called the single number sand, generally F12-F220, such as F12, F30, F54, F90, F100, F220, etc., these single number sand is mainly used for abrasive and other industries.

In addition, white fused alumina is resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and has good toughness. It can be used to make grinding wheels by adding some adhesives.There is white fused alumina crystallization is better, will not occur differentiation, cracking and detonation, so it can be used as a refractory.

The advantages of white fused alumina abrasive

1, does not affect the color of the workpiece;

2, can be used to blast sand in the process of strictly prohibited iron powder residue;

3, micro powder level is very suitable for wet sandblasting and polishing operations;

4. Fast processing speed and high quality;

5. The amount of iron oxide contained is extremely low, which is suitable for sand blasting operation of iron residue strictly prohibited;

6, after acid washed to remove impurities.


White fused alumina is used in the general grinding of alloy copper, high speed copper and quenched copper workpiece with high hardness. It is also used in gear grinding, thread grinding and forming grinding.

The above is the difference between white fused alumina segment sand and white fused alumina grain size sand in detail. In fact, each product has different uses. We can choose suitable products according to our own needs, so as to achieve good results!

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