Pink Fused Alumina

Pink Fused Alumina its main material is bayer alumina, which is electrically fused in high temperature, being added with the right quantity of oxidized chromium. lt is pink. lts hardness is close to, but toughness higher than that of White Fused Alumina. The abrasive tools made of it feature excellent durability and high processing cleanness, which are suitable for the precision grinding of the measuring tools, lathe main shafts, instruments and apparatus parts, threading work pieces and samplers, etc.

Pink Fused Alumina

Chemical Composition and Physical Property:

All data based upon RunLong Enterprise’s standard test methods. We could supply grit size according to FEPA, JIS, ANSI, GB & P Standard.


Pink fused alumina is suitable for the manufacture of vitrified bonded abrasives for working hardened steels and alloys with tensile strengths of over 50 kg/mm². It is also used in tool grinding, saw and knife-sharpening applications, precision grinding, profile grinding, flute grinding, tooth grinding, dry grinding of blade segments and mounted wheels.

Shipping Package

pvc bagspaper bagsjumbo bagsjumbo bagspvc bag+palletpaper bag+pallet
25kg net25kg net1000kg1500kg1000kg1000kg

Other package also could be supplied as required.

Good quality pink fused alumina with competitive price [USD950~1190/Ton FOB Tianjin] made in China.

Pink Fused Alumina
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