Sandblasting Glass Beads

Brief Introduction about Sandblasting Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres

Sandblasting Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres used as blasting materials are with the characteristics of clearness, hardness and toughness. They are manufactured from soda lime silica glass. Biz-Harmony could also supply Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres manufactured from borosilicate glass upon requirement. Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres used as blasting materials offers the flexibility to remove many different types of surface imperfections, including burrs, rust, scales, paint removal and so on.

Choose Your Suitable Size

Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres can range from very coarse to very fine and everything in between, making it easy to customize the blasting media to the specific finishing application.

Grit SizeMeshSize (µm)

Other special specification could be supplied as required.

Fine-sized Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres are well-suited for lighter processes involving fine detail work.

Medium-sized Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres make the best choice when working with metal materials such as aluminum and stainless steel and are known for their ability to hide defects on the substrate surface.

Coarse-sized Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres work well for cleaning and deburring of rough surfaces found on many metal castings and various automotive parts.

Chemical Analysis & Physical Properties

ChemicalAnalysisPhysical properties
SiO270.23Bulk Density1.5g/cm3
Na2O12.5Real Density2.5g/cm3
CaO9.0Mohs Hardness6-7
MgO3.55HRC hardness 46

All data based upon RunLong’s standard test methods.

Applications of Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres

Glass bead is one of the widely used abrasive materials for surface treatment. It is especially suitable for the following materials:

Production of Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres

Shipping Package

pvc bagspaper bagsjumbo bagsjumbo bagspvc bag+palletpaper bag+pallet
25kg net25kg net1000kg1500kg1000kg1000kg

Other package also could be supplied as required.

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