Sintered corundum tabular alumina

Sintered Corundum Tabular Alumina is high-density, fully shrunk, coarse crystalline alpha alumina that has been converted to the corundum form. It is a completely recrystallized α-alumina sintered at slightly below the melting point of imported alumina after batching, grinding and molding.
Tabular Alumina is produced by sintering ball-formed alumina at a temperature under the 2040°C fusion point of aluminum oxide. The crystals are arranged in a tabular staggered way, which increases the mechanical strength of the particles. Tabular alumina has characteristic large, well developed hexagonal tablet shaped α-alumina crystals of up to 200μm length.

White tabular alumina
White tabular alumina

Sintered corundum tabular alumina index:

Al2O3 Na2OSiO2Fe2O3MgOCaOBulk DensityApparant PorosityWater Absorption
99.3% Min0.4% Max0.13% Max0.05% Max0.05% Max0.07% Max3.55g/cm³5% Max1.5% Max

All data based upon Runlong Enterprise standard test methods

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Sintered corundum tabular alumina


Sintered corundum tabular alumina is used in the refractory industry for making monolithics as well as shaped product.

It goes into various applications such as

♦ LCC,ULCC Castables along with many dense castable

♦ Precast Pre Fired Product for Glass & Boiler Industry,Such as Porous plug,Well Block,Impact Pad.

♦ Shape refractories such as AMC bricks for ladle,VD,VOD Metal Zone and Bottom Impact Part.

♦ Slide Gate refractory for CC Section.

♦ Varieties of Ramming and Mortar mixes.

♦ Insulation Bricks and castables.

♦ Bottom Pouring Bricks.

♦ Refractory filler & Kiln furniture.

♦ Different Section of BF for lining as shape & monolithic

Apart from the above,the product is widely used in various applications ranging from Steel, Foundry, Incineration, Cement, Glass, Metal and Petro Chemical industry.

Jumbo Bag of 1 Ton, 1.2 Tons or 1.3 Tons
25kg Woven Plastic Bag, 40 Bags in a jumbo Bag
25kg Woven Plastic Bags, 40 Bags on a Wood Pallet
25kg Paper Bag, 40 Bags on a Wood Pallet

Other package also could be supplied as required.

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