Shot Blasting Glass Beads

Shot blasting Glass Beads are a unique feature of abrasives used in cleaning or metal surface strengthening processes, primarily for sandblasting equipment. The raw material of the glass beads is glass sand, which is fused into a spherical shape by high temperature suspension and then annealed to eliminate internal stress and prevent breakage. This transparent, clear spherical structure product does not have particles embedded in the workpiece during use, contaminating the workpiece or causing other damage. Using different sizes of abrasives and different operating parameters, the glass beads will have a special decorative effect by selective localized controlled blasting on the surface of the workpiece.

Available size range


Shot blasting Glass beads 80 grit abrasive media is very popular!

Main Physical Indicators of Shot Blasting Glass Beads

1. Rounding rate:  industrial shot blasting beads ≥ 90%

2. Refractive index: ≥ 1.5
3. Hardness: Mohs 6-8
4. The main ingredients: sodium-calcium glass composition

5. Appearance: round, transparent, no obvious bubbles and impurities
6. Particle size between 45um and 1000um
7. Softening point: 710-730 °C
8. Density: 2.4-2.6g/cm3

Shot blasting Glass Beads Applications

1. Rust removal inside and outside of various types of parts, in addition to oxides, polishing to rough, Clearing stress

2. Surface treatment of various jewelry watches, lamps, cosmetic bottles, and eyeglass accessories.
3. It can remove the tensile stress of various types of parts, increase fatigue life and improve the resistance to stress and corrosion. Such as aircraft engine turbines, blades, shafts, landing gear, various springs, gear hydraulics, etc.

4. The integrated circuit board, plastic sealing on the tube before the tin cleaning and removal of waste edge burrs.
5. Remove the blockage in the cylinder and piston.
6. Shot peening and finishing of medical equipment, textile machinery, food machinery, and various hardware products.
7. Cleaning of components such as coils and brush rotors during motor overhaul.
8. Cleaning of various metal tubes and non-ferrous metal precision castings and removal of burr residue.
9. All kinds of parts inside and outside the rust, deoxidation, polishing to thicken, remove stress.
10. Polishing of all kinds of jewelry, watches, lamps, cosmetics, glasses accessories.

The Production process of Shot blasting Glass Beads

Packing and storage                                                                                       

Packing: Double coated plastic woven / paper bag, net weight 25kg.
Big bag packing, net weight 1000kg / 1250kg per clients’ request.
Storage: Dry, ventilated, moisture proof.

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