Rock garnet sand 10-20 mesh for water filtration 

GARNET is mined from a hard rock deposit.It is ideal for use as the water filtration grained layer in multi-media systems.  
Garnet filter has widely used in a variety of filtration application including industrial waste water treatment, municipal water filtration and commercial filtration systems etc..
Garnet is used in the highest specification multi layer multi media filters.
The decreasing grain size from the top layer of anthracite through the sand layer to the bottom layer of garnet produces
the ideal conditions for high filtration rates and long filter runs.

Garnet Sand for Water Filtration


Sandblasting – As a common placement for silica sand in sand blasting, garnet grains are better for their high hardness, acid and alkali resistance.
Water jet cutting — Mixed with very high pressure water, garnet is used to cut steel and other materials in water jets. 
Filtering Media—Garnet is a natural hard and high density filter materials used in multi-media water filtration and is recommended as a support bed for other materials such as sand.

Chemical Compositions

SiO2: 37.77% no free silica

Al2O3: 18.06%

FeO: 29.5%

Fe2O3: 1.81%

MgO: 4.75%

TiO2: 0.55%

MnO: 0.53%

CaO: 1.84%

Cr2O3: 0.05%

Physical Properties

● Color: Red brown, orange red, and cheery red grain or powder

● Melting point: 1300 ℃

● Mohs hardness: 7.5-8.0

● Specific gravity: 3.9-4.10g/cm3

● Buck density: 2.34g/cm3

● Chloride: <15 ppm

● PH: >7

● Free Metals: <0.01%

● Conductivity: <15m.S/m

All data based upon Runlong Enterprise standard test methods.

Rock garnet sand 10-20 mesh for water filtration 
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