Road Marking Glass Beads

Road marking glass beads for road markings can improve the reflective performance of road marking paint. The light of the car lights on the marking lines with glass beads, which can reflect the light of the car lights back, make the driver see the direction of travel, and improve the safety of driving at night.

Glass beads are used for road marking paints and thermoplastic road marking materials to provide excellent night retro-reflectivity .When the headlight shines on the road line ,the light is reflected back ,and then the driver can drive the car safely in night .The rate of glass beads in paint is 15%-25%.The glass beads can be used as intermix and drop-on .we can produce the beads as per the standard of JT/T446-2001 and BS 6088-1981 and other national standard .

Road Marking Glass Beads Standards

JT/T 446-2001 China Standard
BS6088 British Standard
AASSHTO M247 American Standard
EN1423/1424 European Standard
KS Korean Standard

4 Types of Standard Road Marking Glass Beads Particle Size Distribution

Chemical Analysis & Physical Properties

All data based upon RunLong Enterprise standard test methods.

The Production process of Road Marking Glass Beads

Packing and storage                                                                                       

Packing: Double coated plastic woven / paper bag, net weight 25kg.
Big bag packing, net weight 1000kg / 1250kg per clients’ request.
Storage: Dry, ventilated, moisture proof.

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