Brown Fused Corundum F180 Grit

Brown fused corundum is an abrasive composed mainly of aluminium oxide and is almost iron-free. Brown fused corundum produced while fusing calcined bauxite at higher than 2000 °C temperature in an electric arc furnace. Brown fused corundum abrasive is durable and extremely hard material (9 in Mohs scale), angular shape with renewing edges. This abrasive is also ecologically clean and free of not respirable crystalline silica (SiO2). It has relatively high thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion.

Brown Fused Corundum F180 Grit Chemical Composition

TiO2 1.7-3.4%

Brown Fused Corundum F180 Grit Physical Properties

Moh’s hardness≥9.0
Melting point2050℃
The Max. services temperature1900℃
Specific gravity3.95g/cm3
Bulk density1.68-1.99g/cm3
Real density≥3.90g/cm3

Brown Fused Corundum F180 Grit Particle Size Distribution(PSD)


Note: Other grade brown fused corundum F180 grit also can be available

Grade AGrade A’Grade BGrade B’Grade C





Please note: Using time: Grade A 5-7 times. Grade B 3-5 times. Grade C 1-2 times.

All data based upon RunLong Enterprise’s standard test methods. We could supply grit size according to FEPA, JIS, ANSI, GB & P Standard.

Brown Fused Corundum Application Areas:

1, Used For Manufacturing High-Grade Refractory Materials, Castable, Firebrick, Etc.

2, Sandblasting – Abrasive Hardness Moderate, High Packing Density, No Free Silica, Than Major, Good Toughness, Is The Ideal “Environmental Protection” Type Sandblasting Material, Widely Used In Aluminum, Copper Profile Glass, Washing Jeans Precision Mold And Other Fields;

3, Free Grinding – Grinding Grade Abrasive, Used In Kineshoon, Optical Glass, Monocrystalline Silicon, Lenses, Clocks And Watches With Glass, Crystal Glass, Jade And Other Fields Of Free Grinding, Is Widely Used In The Domestic Advanced Grinding Materials;

4, Resin Abrasives – Abrasives With Appropriate Color, Good Hardness, Toughness, Suitable Particle Section Type And Cutting Edge Maintenance Degree, Applied To Resin Abrasives, The Effect Is Ideal;

5, Coated Abrasives – Abrasives Are The Production Raw Materials Of Sandpaper, Gauze And Other Manufacturers;

6, Functional Packing – Mainly Used For Automobile Brake Parts, Special Tires, Special Construction Products, Etc., Can Be Used As The Construction Of Highway Pavement. Airstrip. Dock. Parking Lots. Industrial Floors. Wear Resistant Materials Such As Sports Venues;

7, Filter Medium – Is a New Application Field Of Abrasive, Granular Abrasive As The Bottom Medium Of The Filter Bed, Purification Of Drinking Water Or Wastewater, Is a New Type Of Water Filtration Material At Home And Abroad, Especially Suitable For Non-Ferrous Metal Dressing: Oil Drilling Mud Weighting Agent

8, Hydraulic Cutting – Abrasive As Cutting Medium, Rely On High Pressure Hydraulic Jet For Basic Cutting, Applied To Oil (Natural Gas) Pipelines, Steel And Other Parts Of The Cutting, Is a New, Environmental Protection, Safe Cutting Way.

Packing and storage                                                                                       

Packing: Double coated plastic woven / paper bag, net weight 25kg.

Big bag packing, net weight 1000kg / 1250kg per clients’ request.

Storage: Dry, ventilated, moisture proof.


1. The sample will be send by International expresses FEDEX/DHL/UPS/TNT.

2. Full container Load(FCL): By vessel Or International Railway Transportation

3. Less Than Container Load(LCL): By vessel or By air


1. Payment: T/T, Western Union, LC, Paypal or negotiations to solve.

2. MOQ: Usually 1Tons

3. Quality Warranty: 1 years

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