Black Fused Aluminum Oxide

1. Description:

Black Fused Aluminum Oxide is made from high quality bauxite, iron oxide and micro-elements by melting in a tilting arc furnace. Black Fused Aluminum Oxide can be produced in a variety of sizes from grains to micro-powders. Black Fused Aluminum Oxide is also known as low aluminum corundum. Al2O3 content is 70% ~ 85%, It is also a new type product of polishing material and one of the most economical media available for a wide array of dry and wet processing applications.

Black Fused Aluminum Oxide

2. Features:

High hardness

Strong tenacity

Better bonding ability


Good self-sharpening

High temperature resistance

3. Applications

● For free grinding, such as glass industry
● For non-slip of airport and road, chemical factory board paving
● For produce ceramic grinding wheel, resinoid grinding wheel, grinding stone,
● For free grinding, such as coarse grinding before electroplating products.
● For polishing and sandblasting of stainless steel, fabricated metal products.
● For investment casting technics of stainless steel and aluminum casting in coating.
● For sand paper, sand cloth, sand belt, Polish wax, abrasive paste, coating etc…
● For abrasion and high temperature resistant in steel metallurgy, various industrial stoves

● For various material workpieces to decontaminate, prevent corrosion, remove oxide skin

Black Fused Aluminum Oxide

4. Chemical Composition

5. Physical properties

CrystalTrigonal system
Hardness (Mohs)≥ 9.0
Melting point (°C)2050
The maximum temperature (°C)1850
True Density (g/cm3)≥ 3. 50
Linear expansion coefficient (0-1600 °C)7-9

All data based upon RunLong Enterprise standard test methods. We could supply grit size according to FEPA, JIS, ANSI, GB & P Standard.

6. Shipping Package

pvc bagspaper bagsjumbo bagsjumbo bagspvc bag+palletpaper bag+pallet
25kg net25kg net1000kg1500kg1000kg1000kg

Other package also could be supplied as required.

Good quality black fused aluminum oxide with competitive price [USD350~500/Ton FOB Tianjin] from China manufacturer.

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