White fused aluminium oxide as raw material of alumina powder is electrically fused in the furnace with high grade processed.It has high purity,ability of self-sharpening,better cutting,less heat emit,higher efficiency,acid and alkali resistance,good thermal stability.Abrasives tools made of it are suitable for grinding high-speed,high carbon steel ,etc.It also can be used as materials for grinding and polishing,precision casting,spaying and coating, medium body for chemical industry,special ceramics and high-grade refractory materials,etc.

Basic Indicators 

Molecular FormulaAl2O3
AppearanceWhite powder
CAS No.1344-28-1
HS Code28181090
Physical properties

Hardness: 9 mohs
Grain shape: angular
Melting point: approx. 2050°C
Specific gravity: approx. 4.0 g/cm3
Bulk density: approx. 1.5 – 2.1 g/cm3
(depending on grain size)

Typical chemical analysis

Al2O3: 99,50%
Na2O+K2O: 0,25%
Fe2O3: 0,02%
SiO2: 0,03%
CaO: 0,10%
C: 0,05%


Used for refractory,castable,painting
Size:0-1mm 1-3mm 3-5mm 3-6mm 5-8mm 8-10mm
Al2O3:99.5%min    Fe2O3:0.04%max       Na2O:0.3%max
Size: -100MESH -150MESH -200MESH -320MESH
Al2O3:99.0%min     Na2O:0.40%max    Fe2O3:0.20%max

 Used for abrasives,lapping,Polishing
Size: FEPA F230 F240 F280 F320 F360 F400 F500 F600 F800 F1000 F1200 F1500 F2000
JIS #240 #280 #320 #360 #400 #500 #600 #700 #800 #1000 #1200 #1500 #2000 #2500 #3000 #4000 #6000 #8000
Al2O3:99.2-99.6%   Fe2O3:0.02-0.08%  Na2O:0.20-0.40%