black fused alumina

Black Fused Alumina

Black Fused Alumina is a new type abrasives material which features lower Al2O3 and certain grade of Fe2O3.And it has characteristics of moderate hardness,high toughness,high temperature resistance,an
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Sandblasting Glass Beads

Brief Introduction about Sandblasting Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres Sandblasting Glass Beads / Glass Microspheres used as blasting materials are with the characteristics of clearness, hardness and
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Water jet cutting garnet 60 mesh

Garnet for waterjet cutting is a kind of garnet consisting of iron aluminum silicate. The main colors are orange red, brown red and cherry red. The specific gravity is 3.9-4.1g/cm3. The ...
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Tabular Alumina Powder for Refractory

Tabular Alumina is a pure sintered alpha-alumina material that has been fully densified by rapid-sintering without the use of sintering aids at temperatures in excess of 1900°C. Tabular Alumina
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