0-10/1-10/0-1mm Black Silicon Carbide for Steelmaking/Casting

Can supply the Black Silicon Carbide: SiC 60%,70%,75%,80%,85%, 88%,90%,95%,98% packing with the small bag then jumbo bag

Black silicon carbide is an ideal compound deoxidizer, desulfurizer.ca and have a strong affinity with oxygen. Especially calcium, not only has a strong affinity with oxygen, and sulfur, nitrogen has a very strong affinity.
Silicon carbide is also suitable for practicing BOF steel plant with a warming agent, also used for cast iron and ductile iron inoculant production of addictives.

1.Physical Index

GritsBulk Density g/cm3High Density g/cm3GritsBulk Density g/cm3High Density g/cm3
F16 ~ F241.42~1.50≥1.50F1001.36~1.45≥1.45
F30 ~ F401.42~1.50≥1.50F1201.34~1.43≥1.43
F46 ~ F541.43~1.51≥1.51F1501.32~1.41≥1.41
F60 ~ F701.40~1.48≥1.48F1801.31~1.40≥1.40

2. Specification: 

98% purity black silicon carbide

Function-Silicon Carbide

(1) Large melting furnace, longer melting time, lead to more crystallization, bigger crystals, higher purity, and fewer impurities.
(2) Good hardness, longer life.
(3) Chemical washed and water washed good cleanness.
(4) Specially treated products get higher purity, better toughness, and better grinding effect.

Metallurgical black silicon carbide

Application for Silicon Carbide:

1. Silicon carbon can be used as a metallurgical deoxidizer and high-temperature resistant materials in smelting.
2. It can also be used as abrasive materials, which can be used to make abrasive tools, such as grinding wheels, oilstones, grinding heads, and so on.

3.Silicon carbon is a new kind of reinforced steel-making deoxidizing agent and an ideal thermal insulating agent. it is used for deoxidizing. The usage dose is 1-4kg/t can make electricity consumption reduce 15-20kw/h and time to reduce 15-20min per furnace to raise productivity rate to 8-10%.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging Details: water-proof plastic woven bag, 1000kg per bag or as your requirements.
Delivery Time: Within 5-7 working days after receipt of prepayment.
Remark: Chemical composition and size can be optimized by the customers’ requirements.

Black Silicon Carbide
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